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Dalian Zhonghuida Scientific Instrument Co. LTD (DZHD Sci., China), established in 1999, is currently a leading company in China dedicated to R&D of Gas Chromatography, HPLC Columns and Chromatography, Spectroscopy. The company holds 6 automated columns production lines and more than 20 sets of chromatographs for R&D and quality inspection. Our customers are mainly from China, U.S.A., Europe, Thailand, Singapore, India, Australia, Mongolia. Research team is insisted of leading experts from Chinese Academy of China, very top Universities in China and senior scientists from American companies. We have broad cooperation with prestigious universities and institutes in China. The research and development of the innovative products are financially supported by China’s government.

DZHD Sci, China, has branched in Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha and New Jersey, USA, is also explosively becoming one of the leading companies in introducing innovative products and knowledge from abroad to the China’s market. USA based branch is marketing some products in the North America. Our cooperation partners includes OV, INNO, SUPELCO., Innovative Technology etc. The main products includes analytical instrument, pharmaceutical apparatus and equipment, widely applied in life sciences, pharmaceutical development, material sciences, environmental sciences, food sciences, energy industries, organic chemistry, metallurgical industries, electrical chemistry and petroleum industries. The increasing customers cover more than 70 prestigious universities and institutes in and over 40 known top pharmaceutical companies in China. The sales team and technically support team includes some veteran scientists from Pfizer Inc., Merck Inc. in the USA.

Consistent dedication to research and development of innovation technology is our loyal pursuit. We have an open heart to the cooperation with universities and institutes in China and abroad. Our hands are welcoming the experts abroad to join our team.

Introduction of innovative technology and products to China is our consistent contribution to China’s academic and industry. We are expecting more international partners. We have done very well. We are doing better.

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